Michelle Pumfrey

I am Michelle Pumfrey.  I live & work in Oxfordshire. At heart, I am a wanderer of the world, in my adolescence; it’s one of the things unfortunately that has taken the back seat. I did one year in higher education exploring artistry and unleashing my creativity. I then went on to do a few months in a music course. My parents have been a big influence on the food that I eat, my sister and I have been brought up on quality home cooked meals (meatballs the size of your fist).

Music is a very big influence to my personal tastes. I have an eclectic range…Shinedown to Whitney Houston, Mura Masa to Genesis.

I have been to some countries in Europe so far. Having no inhibitions in foreign countries has to be the real love for me, that nobody knows who you are or where you come from.

“Don’t eat to live, live to eat.”

Michelle xx.