Over the past year, my parents have been growing and tending, to an allotment by our house.  This allotment has been growing a wide range of fruits and vegetables, like marrow, runner beans, tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, beetroot, potatoes, rhubarb, apples and Pumpkins! Just in time for Halloween!Now it has come time to harvest some of these beauties, prep and freeze some which, we can’t utilize yet. Now many of our friends eat fresh vegetables and as we have a copious amount that a family of four could not eat all by ourselves, we have been gifting them with a selection! Now, my dear friends Christopher and Hannah prepare some of the most amazing food.

I thought why not give them some of the good stuff we have been growing? Which they loved! They used these to cook a gorgeous prawn dish with rice noodles. The few days that followed, Christopher kept me updated on the dishes that Hannah & he were eating…

Yummy! The pan of gorgeousness (bottom right) is prawns with rice noodles, courgettes, tomatoes! I am truly thankful to know such wonderful people with excellent palettes and a love for fresh foods!

Does anyone have recipes for any of the vegetables and fruit I have listed? Always on the hunt for something new!

Michelle xx.

Cooking with fresh produce

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