Flights & Hotels, Is cheap a possibilty?

So the world is my oyster..Where to next? I have been endlessly looking on various sites for cheap flights and accommodation.

I found one good site called:

This site takes a plethora of airlines & hotels/hostels and spits out all of the flights for those dates, just like any other online booking, right? Well, no. This site is targeted at students and people aged around 18-24. With special discount for those who are students and faculty members! With real reviews from young people and their experiences. This is great for me as I am not looking for tailor-made journeys travelling in First Class.

An even better site called:

Very similar to Student Universe but this is again, cheaper! Also with hotels, flights & car hire available, to book in one place. This site does not have relative reviews from young people, which makes me favour Student Universe

I will use Student Universe & Skyscanner together to find the cheapest and best-rated accommodation. As I am travelling alone, I need to find a place that is safe and accessible to places like the metro.

If anyone has any accommodation tips or websites, let me know!

Michelle xx.




2 thoughts on “Flights & Hotels, Is cheap a possibilty?

  1. Good post! ❤ is also a very good comparison website with cheap flights, i actually found it came up with cheaper results in comparison to SkyScanner – Always go incognito on your browser so you don't pick up any cookies from other comparison websites 😀

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