Loungers Brunch 

After a morning of drowsiness, I decided to drag myself out of the house & do something “productive”. I knew this would involve food of some sort. I really think that my day revolves around what I am going to eat, I don’t know anyone else that thinks about food as much as I do!

I went to a few charity shops, purchased a few holiday clothes- I’m going to Lanzarote in two weeks with my sister & our friend Elliott. So I thought I better had to go and buy some clothes!

After pottering around various charity shops, I always leave the best till last. The Animal Sanctuary down Corn Street. I picked up a whole wardrobe for my holiday for only £11! I decided to go to one of my favourite places to eat..The Como Lounge on Market Square.

Now I’m not one for having an English Fry-up made for me but this place does it just right.

The staff here are so friendly & welcoming & don’t mind if you customise your order. See I’m not one for tomatoes & they happily swapped these for extra mushrooms…yum!

This has to be a luxury for me..sitting on the second floor and watching the people of Witney stroll around.

Michelle xx.

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